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Start your journey towards a happy and healthy life with the 21-day paleo transition program. The program is fully guided and provide you with all the steps needed including background information and my own experience.

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Peter Györffy


Extreme value for money

Invest as little $5 or $10 and get a enormous amount of value for you money.


100% success

Follow the steps in the program and improved heath is guaranteed!


Effortlessly lose weight

Effortlessly lose weight while eating good food that tastes great.


Complete guide

You will get 21 guidelines and habits that are all easy to implement.

Benefits of living a paleo lifestyle


Lose weight

Reach your ideal body weight


Mood swings

No more mood swings


Sugar crashes

Say good by to sugar crashes


Lower risk of cancer

Minimise the risk of common cancers


Diabetes typ 2

Minimise risk of diabetes type 2


Improve skin

Get rid of common skin conditions like acne


Heart disease

Lower risk of heart disease



Improved strength


Better conditioning

Improved conditioning through easy cardio

The impact of your diet

There are thousands and thousands of great success stories of people who have gone from being sick to being well simply by changing the way they eat. Not all would define their diet as a paleo diet but the common theme is they all ate natural stuff with very little to no sugar.

It never stops to amaze me just how important food is. It can make you sick OR it can make you healthy.

Terry Wahls cured MS and went from wheelchair to walking.

Pablo cured his brain tumour.

Jay Wortman now needs no medication for his diabetes after changing his diet.

Cure psoriasis with a natural diet.


How much weight loss am I going to see?

It all depends on your current weight but if you follow all the steps and implement 1 each day you can expect to lose between 2-5 kg/4-9 lbs over the three weeks.

However weight loss will continue until you've reached your ideal body weight and composition.

Have you tried paleo yourself?

YES. Absolutely. I'm living it to 100%. I'm fully committed to a paleo lifestyle and I'm loving it. In my book I've outlined all of the positive effects it's had on me.

How do I know paleo is good for me?

At a zoo, the zookeepers wouldn't dream of feeding the lions tons of tomatoes and pizzas. Why? Simply because the lions wouldn't like it and they would feel worse. We know that so we don't do it.

Humans are the same. If we eat and move according to our design we'll feel better. Logical right?

Is paleo "just another diet"?

No. It isn't "just another diet". Paleo as a lifestlye is based on our genetics and based on how our ancestors lived. Paleo is the only "diet" that has been tested and fine tuned for 2.5 million years...

Paleo is not "just another diet" aimed at helping you lose weight. Paleo will make you lose weight but that is just a positive side effect of an improved lifestyle.

Have a question that is not answered? Contact me.

How does the program work?

After you sign up you get access to 21 action items or you might call them guidelines. Implement all of these guidelines and you'll have fully transitioned to a paleo lifestyle.

Implement one guideline each day or do them all at once. It's up to you!

Isn't a paleo lifestyle complicated?

It takes a little bit of getting used to but it's not difficult at all. Eating natural stuff, cooking and moving according to our genes is easier than a "normal life".

What do I get if I sign up?

You will get a ton of useful information.

  • 21 action items or guidelines to help you transition
  • Videos and links to other websites and resources
  • My favorite recipes
  • Free e-book "How to become a fat-burner"
  • Shopping list
  • And more...

What if it doesn't work

If you see no improvements in your health after implementing and following the 21 steps in the program you will get your money back.

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The 21-day program

Kick start your transition into a healthy and natural paleo lifestyle by signing-up to the 21-day paleo transition program! You’ll get full guidance and follow the steps and great health and weight loss is guaranteed.

100% money back guarantee

Sign up now. You have nothing to lose. If you for some reason don’t get the results you are looking for you will get all your money back.

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