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Peter Györffy —- Bio

I am a certified diet coach who loves everything primal – eating, lifestyle and health. Also a photographer and an educator in photography.

I have since the beginning of 2015 applied a more primal and simplified approach to my life. This has meant eating in a paleo type of style but also my view on exercise has changed from being competitive & performance oriented to being more focused on overall health. This has lead me to pull back on my running and instead include strength sessions and mobility exercises. My goal is to start including yoga into my life in the near future. Another promise I’ve made is to stay as relaxed as possible since high levels of continuous stress is very bad.

The main reason I started this website is to share what I believe is the right approach to life, health and fitness. My overall fitness level has improved a lot since I changed how I eat and exercise and I want you to be inspired and maybe start your own journey towards a better life.


  • Paleo 95%
  • Good habits & low stress 80%
  • Running 80%
  • Strength training 60%

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